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This post is part of the series " My five worst mistakes as an entrepreneur ."

I have written about brands and the concept that your brand is not what you say you are, but what your target audience thinks and says about you. With the positioning something similar happens: whatever your business, your potential Clients will like to label you and classify you in a small box that distinguishes you (or not) from other suppliers. Positioning strategies try to influence the decision of those Clients with respect to the box that corresponds to them.

There are many variables that influence positioning. There is a lot of talk about the price variable, for example: two products with similar basic characteristics can be positioned as a luxury item or a "mass item" differentiating by its price and other more or less subtle attributes.

But there is something much more basic that we could call " but what do you do? " It is easier to position yourself only as a car manufacturer than as a manufacturer of cars and at the same time as bricks. This seems obvious in the product business, it can be more complicated in the services business and especially if they are tailor-made services: when you do not sell a product but the work of a team of people that solve the specific needs of your Clients, it is easy lose focus . An example: we usually do studies of type A, but suddenly a client asks us for a type B analysis. The automatic question is usually "can we do it?". However, and as always, based on doing it wrong, I have come to the conclusion thatThe right question is "should we do?" .

You may think that not leaving your usual activity is losing opportunities. It is also true that you must rethink periodically what is the value you bring and where the market is going to evolve. However, when you leave continuously from your area of specialization you end up being a specialist of nothing. Wanting to be everything for everyone leads you to not be really good at anything . Apart from this, it is quite inefficient and exhausting

To build a sustainable business with future potential, that does not depend at all times on the speed at which you pedal and at the waist of the team, it is essential to have a clear focus. Obviously, you have to choose well where the focus will be and you have to review the strategy from time to time, but only from time to time : reviewing the strategy constantly means having no strategy. You have to choose a clear course, set objectives and execute, execute, execute.