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The most popular social world in the world, of course, is Facebook. Users from 123 countries of the world, more than 500 million accounts, of which more than 2 million are Russian-language pages. Among other social networks, there is no more valuable and professional audience than users of Facebook. After all, people who have friends and acquaintances abroad, Internet businessmen, bloggers, freelancers who also actively cooperate with colleagues from other countries register on this resource.

On Facebook are popular information and entertainment pages, news of tourism, political news. Are relevant and relevant to the community about the latest electronics, professional and fiction literature, web development, computer games, graphics.


It is important to understand that registration alone on the resource is not enough. You need to be aware of the effective tools available to promote the community or page. From the point of view of doing business, it is more profitable to register pages in Facebook.

Their differences from the page:

•when requested through the search engine, the page can be found and viewed even by an unregistered user;

•The administrator of the group can make a mass mailing of messages to all participants;

•a group widget can be put on the page and various applications added;

•statistics of visits and activity of visitors.

Creating a page by steps

1. To create it, you must be a registered user of the social network.

2. In the user menu, select "Create Page". The page designer will offer to choose: official or community page. Then there are options to choose from, you need to mark the menu item: local business, brand (brand, company), a well-known person. Select and continue. It is necessary to give the correct name of the page. Here it is necessary to use SEO optimization because choosing the right name is already half the success.

3. When creating a community page, the site suggests choosing the destination: "by brand" or "by interests". It should be remembered that if the page is created for a famous brand or company, it is more important to choose the first option. And if the brand is little known in wide circles, then it is correct to choose the second option. For example, if the purpose of creating a page is to promote a website about professional and business literature, then it should be called "Literature for accountants".

4. The page must be filled with content, upload a photo, attract, in the first place, their friends.

5. The general information is placed on the link to the company's website, or resource, laid out basic information, description of the goods. You should pay attention to the "Tell about this page" block, it can fit 150-200 characters, it should also be used as much as possible.

Now the main task is to draw as many friends as possible on the page, and promote the page to the masses!

Video tutorial: Making a facebook page